I'm a Food + Lifestyle photographer based in Washington, DC.


Food is my real passion. I love everything about the way food connects us, unites us, engages us and delights us.


The story behind where our food comes from is so complex + beautiful.


From the soil that provided the nutrients to grow the crops to the cows that were milked to create rich, silky cream to the farm workers that stay in the field from dawn til dusk to the chefs that prepare the most creative and mouth-watering dishes.


I use my camera to share the story of our food...as well as everything in between. Because let's be serious, food touches everything in our lives.


You can follow my blog A Little Terroir to learn more about the farmers + producers that bring the most incredible food to my table.


I love connecting with anyone and everyone that has a great idea for how we can collaborate. So give me a shout and let's talk about how we can work together.